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Meditation in Nature

Similar in nature to the Seclusion and Tranquility tour, however, this tour is focused on allowing the Guest to be self focused in a natural environment to enjoy meditation and relaxation in their own way and in their own time. It is not designed as a tour for children, yet a family can gain much collective peacefulness from this experience together. .

Meditation in Nature

Ideally suited to Guests who want to meditate in nature. You may be an individual or part of a group under instruction.

Whatever your reasons for meditation, a Detour Adventure can enhance your experience with the help of nature. You can enjoy your meditation and leave all the organisational worries in the care of your professional tour driver to get you there and bring you back safely.

This tour can accommodate up to 7 people including children although the tour is not really designed for children who may be not familiar with meditation. We can also cater for individuals by appointment.

We will listen to what you would like to do and a special location will be chosen just for you; a bush setting, a river bend, a high position with a view or simply a location with seclusion and privacy.

  • This is a day tour for up to 7 Guests.
  • Child seats are available.
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea is provided.
  • Lunch can vary depending on your requirements.
  • It is advisable for Guests to bring a jacket, hat, any personal necessities and wear enclosed shoes.
  • Toilet facilities are not always available and Guests should be comfortable with a toilet stop in the bush.

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Please note: At times certain tours may not be available due to weather conditions, permit availability or closures of the area due to natural occurrences such as flooding or fires. In this situation, an alternative tour can be arranged
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