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About Your Tour Guide - Ian Redpath


About your Detour Adventure Guide

Ian Redpath

Get to know Detourman – Ian Redpath. Go for an off road adventure with Detour Adventures.

I'm your ticket to escaping off road in and around the Bathurst NSW area. You'll be amazed where we go on a Detour Adventure and thrilled at the natural environment you'll see. Escape today on a Detour Adventure, holder of Advanced Ecotourism certification and a T-Qual accredited operator.

I was born and grew up in the Blue Mountains of NSW, Australia. Bush surrounded me all my growing up years and now I’m taking Guests and visitors off road to experience what I’ve enjoyed my whole life.

My favourite sports at school were bushwalking and bike riding. My first car was a 4x4, hence my love for off road 4WDing now with Detour Adventures.

I also have a private pilot’s license with a night and instrument rating and have enjoyed flying my family all around Australia. I’ve got some great stories to share with Guests on tour and love hearing about the lives and experiences of our Guests as we travel off road.

Why choose an off road tour with Detour Adventures? Simple. We have a brand new, spacious 4X4 Toyota Landcruiser – the largest in its class. It has comfortable seating for 7 passengers with air conditioning to each row of seats and the internal PA system ensures each passenger can hear the commentary throughout the tour. This vehicle has been specially modified to tackle the most difficult tracks, yet retain softness of ride and comfort on the highway. It’s the same sort of vehicle you’ll experience in Dubai on their famous desert tours.

Being in a 4x4 makes me happy. I've been driving 4WD vehicles for over 30 years and know this part of the world very well. I love taking people out on a Detour Adventure and seeing the pleasure it brings families. On a Detour Adventure, you will take away great memories of a day off the beaten track with Detour Adventures. After all, we are the King of the Long Way Round ®

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