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Get to know your 4WD day out

This tour is aimed at the first time 4WDer who wants to know the basics. We will help you to get to know your vehicle and how to enjoy it whilst looking after the environment at the same time.

Get to know your 4WD day out

So your've got yourself a 4WD. Congratulations!

A 4WD can offer you some of the greatest opportunities of any vehicle. You can escape the everyday rat race and take yourself into the bush and explore. A 4WD can be so much fun.

But hold on … you’ve fallen in love with the dream of getting out and adventuring, but no-one has really explained how to get to know your new adventure machine. Right?

Detour Adventures can help.

We run Get-To-Know-Your-4WD tour days. And they’re great.

What is it? It’s simple and it’s pitched for the first time 4WDer wanting to know the basics. All about your particular vehicle, how your 4WD is designed, what it can and can’t do and how to look after the environment while you’re out enjoying yourself.

What it’s not! It’s not a 4WD driver training course. There are plenty of big class room groups that cater for the advanced ‘ins and outs’ of 4WDing but this isn’t one. You won’t be ready to climb the most rugged mountains, you won’t be ready to lead all your mates through the deepest mud holes and you won’t be a 4WDing expert.

What can you expect?
You will learn things you probably never knew. You’ll get practical tips and hints on how to use your vehicle safely. As a first timer to 4WDing, it truly is a Get-To-Know-Your-4WD day.

You’ll learn what all the buttons and knobs are for. We’ll help you understand how the ‘4WD’ part of your 4WD actually works and how to enjoy yourself out in the bush safely and responsibly.

We’ll give you safety tips and suggestions on what extra things you can buy to make your 4WD greater, safer and more fun.

After the basics, we’ll tackle some basic 4WDing in a Tag-Along drive (where you follow our vehicle). We’ll demonstrate various driving techniques that you can practice on the day and later on. We may tackle a creek crossing, take on rough terrain to get the feel of real off-roading, we’re likely to climbs hills and go down steep descents in your 4WD.

You’ll have fun and while we don’t take you out of your comfort zone, we’re pretty sure you’re comfort zone will be greatly expanded. Your sense of 4WDing adventure will grow wings at the end of the day.

And guess what, if you already feel like you don’t really understand, we’re here to help break down those barriers. And we’ll do so, out in the bush, in nature’s own class room. Without the pressures of a large class group because all our Get-To-Know-Your-4WD tour days are one-on-one. Just you, your 4WD and our staff in the Detour Adventures 4WD. That’s it. But hey, if you like a bit of company, grab a friend in their 4WD and we’ll do a joint session.

How long does it take?
We generally start at 8:30am and finish around 4pm.

Where do we do it?
We have various locations depending on weather on the day. But all tours start in the Lithgow, Oberon or Bathurst areas. We’re pretty flexible. You may choose to stay in the area the night before. We can help you find accommodation.

What days do we do it on?
Any day of the week, subject to availability.

So what does it cost?

  • For you, in your own car: $550 BYO lunch
  • For a friend in their own car: $450 BYO lunch

Can I bring along a non-driving Guest?
Sorry, these are driver focused groups. One car, one person, unless specified by other arrangements with Detour Adventures.

Do we offer gift vouchers?
Sure do.

Got a question. Call us 0419 777 950 or send us an email. tours@detouradventures.com.au

What They Say

" Thanks Ian for showing me how to use my 4WD. Had an awesome day with you, you showed me what I need to know to get off the road and enjoy the drive. From safety to how to handle my car. No more baby steps for me, time to enjoy taking my car out with confidence.

Eva (Facebook)."

Please note: At times certain tours may not be available due to weather conditions, permit availability or closures of the area due to natural occurrences such as flooding or fires. In this situation, an alternative tour can be arranged
PHONE: 0419 777 950
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